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What is a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange (also called autosurf) is a exchange visits system which allow to visit differents websites : blog, video, PTP, ... and can increase hits.

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Traffic exchange features

Free Traffic exchange

All the features and options from the autosurf traffic exchange are free, you just need to have credits in order to earn hits, you earn credits by viewing websites.

Surf App/WEB

In order to visit websites, you just need a browser (Chrome or Firefox) or our surf software (Windows 7+).

Clicks exchanger

A manual surf (campaign click) with anti-bot check (surfer must be in front of computeur) is available. Great tool to promote a business, referral links.

Custom Timer

You can customize the number of seconds a visitor will watch your website (8 to 165 seconds) in the viewbar, it can be fixed or random.


The traffic referer can be hidden (direct / none), so we won't know traffic come from

Unique visitor

Your website can be displayed one time to a visitor (filtered by IP address) or several times (unlimited) by day according to your needs.


You can reduce the bounce rate by getting a random click on a link on your website and it can improve your SEO.

App viewer

We have an unique App Viewer which can block domains or adverts and thus allow you tu surf 24h/24 in order to earn more credits and hits.

Unlimited adverts

You can add as many websites, advert text or banner as you want and it's totally free in order to increase rapidly the number of visitors on a website.

Text or banner advertising

You can start text or banner (468x60) campaign in order to promote your website or any others links. Your campaigns are displayed on and also on our new publishers network started on March 2020.



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